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SWAT team Raids Occupy Seattle & E4E organizers

On the morning of July 10th, Occupy organizers and Everything For Everyone (E4E) activists in Seattle were woken up by the sound of flash-bang grenades and battering rams. While police claimed they were looking for ‘anarchist materials’, including articles of clothing possibly worn during a MayDay protest, no one was arrested.

Local news outlet MyNorthwest reports:

A SWAT team descended on an apartment connected to members of the Occupy movement early Tuesday morning, looking for evidence in the continued investigation into May Day protests, the Seattle Police Department said Tuesday.

Just before 6:00 a.m., police served a search warrant at the residence in the 1100 Block of 29th Avenue South. Police described the four occupants as “cooperative.”

Unconfirmed accounts of the raid, as released by Occupy Seattle, describe a chaotic scene that involved officers “breaking down the door,” “holding drawn tactical rifles, “yelling over a loudspeaker,” and using a flash bang grenade.

Meanwhile, the Seattle Police Department has stated that the investigation into the May Day protests will continue and there may be more search warrants in the future.


Another article, posted on the official Occupy Wall Street website, speculates that the raid may have been designed to harass and intimidate rather than lead to prosecutions.

The neighbor Natalio Perez heard the attack from downstairs: “Suddenly we heard the bang of their grenade, and the crashing as police entered the apartment. The crashing and stomping continued for a long time as they tore the place apart.”

The raid is a heavy-handed threat delivered by armed police aimed at intimidating specific people – but also st suppressing the work to continue the Occupy movement in Seattle, and create E4E as a space for radical gathering.

The E4E site will update this with more as we receive it, including hopefully statement from those involved.


Occupy Everywhere: News and Events for Dec. 17th

Here we go again with another look around the Occupy nation!

(A link to the World Socialist Website and the deeply conservative Nachumlist in the same update! Let it not be said that the Daily Occupation plays favorites. —ed.)

[OP-ED] A Storm in Any Port: One Man’s View of the West Coast Shutdown

(Full disclosure: Nik Vital is an editor and contributor at The Daily Occupation, and we agreed to post this on his behalf. —ed.)

Blogger Nik Vital provides a run-down of events of the December 12 Port Shutdowns, along with some of his favorite moments:

[... A]n inside source tells me that “some schmucks” held a job fair held in Zuccotti Park today, offering positions that “required multiple degrees” and “janitor positions for $10/hr,” which is not a living wage in NYC. Source, a NYC Occupier, says that a group of people threw bird seed laced with laxatives around said job fair. I’ll leave the conclusion up to you, gentle reader.

And finally, the scene I wish most to have a source for: Occupy Oakland’s protestors dancing in celebration at the news that Oakland’s morning shift had gone home, directly in front of riot cops. Amidst the many feeds of posturing cops, disheartened Occupiers, and frustrated bystanders, this scene was my favorite to witness[.]“

Vital also touches upon the mainstream media blackout. All in all, a solid read.

Occupy the Ports, All of Them, All the Ports

For those of you who have been living in a cave—or listening solely to mainstream media—today was a day of action for Occupy Wall Street. Occupy the Ports officially kicked off, inspired by (among other things) the eviction and police brutality in Oakland. Since there’s a lot going on out there in a bunch of different places, we’ll round up the news as best we can here:

In addition to all of this, you can get ongoing updates at the official site.

(Stay as safe as possible out there, folks, and keep up the good fight. Solidarity! —ed.)

Occupy SCCC: Protestors May Soon Be Evicted

On the heels of mass evictions through the major protests, smaller OWS camps are getting tossed out as well, such as the one at Seattle Central Community College. According to the Seattle Times, a judge has ruled the college may post an eviction notice for the protestors, giving them three days before the police is called. The judge cited “health and safety risks” as the reason for eviction but did not limit the protestors’ ability to come back and protest.

Full article available here.

(Ah yes, the nebulous “dirty hippie” defense. Looks like OWS’ opposition has found their line of attack, since this is happening nationwide. I still have yet to see any eyewitness reports of the supposed filth, just the rulings of judges afterwards. Great reporting, everyone! —ed.)

BREAKING: Occupy Seattle Inside Capitol, Holding GA

Occupy Seattle is apparently inside the Washington State Capitol in Olympia and is currently holding their GA. You can view it at the time of this writing via OWS Seattle’s Livestream. Police are apparently trying to evict them at this time, the protestors are linking arms to prevent being taken away.

Occupy Seattle: Protestor Assaulted by Police Miscarries

There is always more, and it is always worse.

I was standing in the middle of the crowd when the police started moving in,” she says. “I was screaming, ‘I am pregnant, I am pregnant. Let me through. I am trying to get out.’” At that point, Fox continues, a Seattle police officer lifted his foot and it hit her in the stomach, and another officer pushed his bicycle into the crowd, again hitting Fox in the stomach. “Right before I turned, both cops lifted their pepper spray and sprayed me. My eyes puffed up and my eyes swelled shut,” she says.

Fox asked for medical attention—the now-famous photo by Josh Trujillo of her being carried to the ambulance is here (click to the second photo)—and was rushed to Harborview Medical Center, she says, where doctors performed an ultrasound and said that they “didn’t see anything wrong with the baby at the time.”

[...] “Everything was going okay until yesterday, when I started getting sick, cramps started, and I felt like I was going to pass out,” Fox says. [..] When she arrived at Harborview at 11:00 a.m., she says, a doctor told her that “there was no heartbeat” from the baby. “They diagnosed that I was having a miscarriage. They said the damage was from the kick and that the pepper spray got to it [the fetus], too.

(Emphasis editor’s. Courtesy of SLOG, at The Stranger.)

Note: Since we posted this story, the original source has updated with new information that may cast doubt upon the woman’s claims.

Fox is carried from the protests after being pepper-sprayed.

Fox is carried from the protests after being pepper-sprayed.

Former Seattle police chief discusses the increasing militarism of police tactics

From The Nation, a veteran of the WTO “Battle for Seattle” issues a plea for responsible community policing.