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[BREAKING] #J17 Protest in D.C. happening now; Occupiers going in, visiting congressmen in person.

The Forever-Awesome Timothy Pool is streaming live with the Occupiers in Washington, D.C. protesting today, and speaking with their “representatives” (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA -ed.) while Equally-Awesome OccupyFreedomLA brings us another view from inside. Tune in and see what democracy looks like!

[3:44 PM CST] UPDATE: Korgasm investigating reports of police surrounding group of protestors on the West Lawn.

[4:04 PM CST] UPDATE: Tim Pool at the front of the march, OccupyNashville’s livestreamer is broadcasting from the middle. OakFoSho continues to provide great coverage, heading back towards the West Lawn.

[4:27 PM CST] UPDATE: Tim Pool reporting estimate of 300 people marching on Capitol Hill.

[BREAKING] Live feed of West Coast Port Shutdown

Livestream video – channel Global Revolution

Live feeds of various West Coast Port Shutdowns, and reports of Long Beach cops arming and readying to attack with tear gas and “non-lethal” rounds.

As of right now, what we know:

  • Port of Oakland: Shut down, longshoremen going home. Confirmed morning shift is shut down, waiting on evening shift.
  • Port of Portland: Shut down for the day.
  • Port of Long Beach: Dispersed, traffic disrupted.
  • Port of Houston: Dispersed, 8 arrests made under tent cover, disruption of traffic.
  • Port of Longview: Port effectively closed, longshoreman sent home with pay.
  • Port of Vancouver: Slowing down, c. 50 trucks backed up, just starting.
  • Port of Seattle: Occupiers on the march.
  • Long Beach and San Diego: Protests disbanded through police force (Twitter source – Jasper Gregory). However, it sounds like longshoremen aren’t coming in to work today (unsourced thus far).

Drum circle protest near Mayor Bloomberg’s home

Protestors have launched “Occupy Bloomberg’s Mansion”, a 24 hour long drum circle protest outside the NYC mayor’s home. NYPD has cordoned off the street, forcing protesters to set up a few hundred feet from the actual house.

Watch live streaming video from occupynyc at