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In the most depressing turn so far this year (three days in), news has broken that has been raided by NYPD. Six arrests were reported; no word on property damage yet.

Video of the studio and eviction are available in the link. From what it appears, those having been arrested will be held overnight. The reason for the eviction and raid? Conditions “imminently perilous to life,” which is great since the landlord kicked the door in, and the other floors were deemed perfectly fine.

Please be sure to send letters to your corporate-sponsored representatives so they have more paper to wade through tomorrow morning.

(Ostensibly while they wipe the hookers and blow off of themselves. -ed.)

[BREAKING] Live feed of West Coast Port Shutdown

Livestream video – channel Global Revolution

Live feeds of various West Coast Port Shutdowns, and reports of Long Beach cops arming and readying to attack with tear gas and “non-lethal” rounds.

As of right now, what we know:

  • Port of Oakland: Shut down, longshoremen going home. Confirmed morning shift is shut down, waiting on evening shift.
  • Port of Portland: Shut down for the day.
  • Port of Long Beach: Dispersed, traffic disrupted.
  • Port of Houston: Dispersed, 8 arrests made under tent cover, disruption of traffic.
  • Port of Longview: Port effectively closed, longshoreman sent home with pay.
  • Port of Vancouver: Slowing down, c. 50 trucks backed up, just starting.
  • Port of Seattle: Occupiers on the march.
  • Long Beach and San Diego: Protests disbanded through police force (Twitter source – Jasper Gregory). However, it sounds like longshoremen aren’t coming in to work today (unsourced thus far).