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More Violence in Tahrir Square

Nine dead, three hundred sixty-one wounded as the Egyptian military attempts to crack down on protests:

Troops in riot gear stormed Tahrir Square on Saturday as clashes with protesters demanding an immediate end to Egypt’s military rule continued for a second day.


The violence reflects growing tension between the military council that took over after Mubarak’s fall and the young activists who helped drive him from power, even as the country holds parliamentary elections that have been dominated by Islamists.

This is the article.

[OP-ED] Occupier working with pro-democracy activists in Egypt criticizes President Obama’s deafening silence

The Tahrir Square demonstrations are heating up again and the President of the United States, previously nominally supportive of the Egyptian Revolution, hasn’t had much to say this time. In this opinion piece, an anonymous Occupier demands answers.

President Obama, where are you? Are you not watching the same images that the world is watching of the massacres in Tahrir? Are you too busy preparing for Thanksgiving to take a minute to make a strong statement about what’s happening in a country in which your government has invested so much money and support?

Read the rest at Al Jazeera English

Egyptian Military Use “Occupy” Police Response to Justify Crackdown

Via 100gf:

The Egyptian military, battling renewed demonstrations in Tahrir Square, have defended their used of force against protesters by comparing themselves to police in the US who are dealing with the Occupy protests.

According to various sources, officials on Egyptian TV have asked why they are being criticised when similar tactics are allegedly being used against peaceful protesters in America.

Full article text available here.

It’s come to this. Oppressive military regimes now look to America for justification of their tactics.