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Rubber bullets vs. Chalk in Los Angeles - The Daily Occupation

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Rubber bullets vs. Chalk in Los Angeles

LA Times coverage

Is the chalk mightier than the riot shield? According to a local CBS affiliate in Los Angeles, violence has broken out at the annual ArtWalk. Why? Evidently, some participants drew on the sidewalk with chalk — perhaps not the most outlandish thing to do at an “Art Walk” — and were confronted by police.  It then turned into a full-fledged protest, with around 200 Occupy LA people joining in. Things just escalated from there, with police using donning riot gear and using rubber bullets and ArtWalkers using rocks.  Details are still emerging, but be sure to check out recorded footage from UStream and YouTube in addition to mainstream news reports to get the full story.

Various Twitter users and OccupyLA have reported that police attempts to ‘kettle’, or corral the demonstrators have failed so far and that confrontations are continuing. Perhaps as a defiant response to the orders to stop, more and more people are writing messages with chalk.

At least 12 have been arrested thus far.

More info:
LAPD arrests 12 as Art Walk turns into Occupy Protest