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Occupy London looks at possibilities for the future - The Daily Occupation

Keeping you up-to-date with the #Occupy movement.

Occupy London looks at possibilities for the future

Al Jazeera reports that London’s branch is looking at ways to evolve the movement in the British Isles:

It has been months since the global Occupy movement began in New York and spread across the world.

In London, protesters are still camped out near St Paul’s Cathedral in the hub of the city. Their tented compound has begun to look like a permanent fixture, even though its size has not grown.

The movement needs to gather more traction, and get more people involved. Some of the organisers have even discussed turning it into a political party.

For now, the movement’s tactics remain the same, but with these new ambitions, Occupy London could soon be evolving into something else.

(London’s group raises an interesting question: Is the next step of the movement to form a political group, or is this a step in the wrong direction? Only time will show us the answer. – ed.)

(If someone from London’s protests wants to chime in on the shape, form or existence of this discussion, feel free to send a submission in! -ed.2)