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Occupy Everywhere: News And Discussion For The New Year, 2012 - The Daily Occupation

Keeping you up-to-date with the #Occupy movement.

Occupy Everywhere: News And Discussion For The New Year, 2012

Two days into 2012, and already much has happened and is happening regarding the Occupation. Here is a selection of stories:

  • The Rose Parade went off without a hitch, despite mass speculation and fearmongering. What was the fearmongering about? The Occupy protest that took up the rear.
  • Obama is concerned about the restrictions some people in Congress want to put on governmental power to apprehend terrorists! By which he means he doesn’t like the negative attention the problematic parts of the NDAA bill (which he just signed into law, problems and all) are getting.
  • For more cheerful news, Occupy Our Homes is helping to push back against the banks…
  • … and Interoccupy is coordinating between the Occupy groups to facilitate coordinated action!
  • While the Daily Beast is hardly quiet about the Occupy protests, this little article gives yet another perspective on the lead up to these days, and the fight ahead.
  • And here’s another article along the same veins from Truth Out, focusing this time on the similarities between Occupy and the populist movement of 1877.
  • And just to wrap this up, if you really think concerns about NDAA are out there… well.

Remember, feel free to submit articles and news!